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Be of service. Our volunteer program enables those living with spinal cord injury and other disabilities to receive valuable supports not currently covered by funding frameworks.

Volunteering roles

When you volunteer with estara, you become part of our inclusive community, and you’ll meet new people too.

As a volunteer, you are a valued member of our team.

There are a variety of roles you can choose to offer your time and effort, from walking a dog to ‘handyperson’ jobs, home visits or shopping.

Dog walking volunteers

Owning a dog can greatly improve the daily joy and quality of life of a person living with a disability – but dogs need regular exercise, too! As a voluntary dog-walker, you’ll provide exercise and a new environment for the dog, giving the owner peace of mind knowing their dog is in good health.

Our dog-walking volunteers are matched with clients as close as possible to their homes, making it easy to walk the dog as frequently as possible.

Home visits and shopping

Provide valuable support and companionship by taking the time each fortnight to visit and spend time with a person in your local area.

A visit may include chatting over a cup of tea or coffee, taking the person out for a meal or shopping.

Phone support

Providing phone support is as simple as making time to call and chat with someone who lives with a disability.

This informal support provides social connection and an opportunity to brighten someone’s day whilst expanding your perspective and understanding.

Handyperson and gardening chores

Our volunteer gardeners help out around the home to undertake basic gardening (not including lawn mowing) such as pruning, planting or weeding.

This is an opportunity to work in nature, meet new people and create a beautiful, blossoming green environment. All tools and gardening supplies are provided by the client.

Our handyperson volunteers use parts supplied to do chores such as fixing tap washers, touching up paint, repairing shelves or door hinges and other odds and ends that keep a home functioning smoothly and looking spick and span.

Become a volunteer

If you’d like to provide your time and effort to better the quality of life of people who live with a disability in South Australia, get in touch with our friendly team.

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Frequently asked questions

To volunteer with estara, you will need a current NDIS Worker Check and DHS Working with Children Check

All of our volunteers will receive orientation and training that relates to their role.

Volunteering gives you purpose, helps you to gain confidence, and you may also learn new skills.

Volunteering can provide a sense of belonging, benefit your health and mood and increase your sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Yes, we aim to connect our volunteers with members of the community who need support in their local area.

You can also choose to volunteer your time by providing phone support, which can be done from any location with a reliable phone service.

What I enjoy most is meeting and spending time with clients and their pets.

“I used to live in an apartment, I couldn’t have a pet and didn’t have a garden, so it actually gave me that outlet that I really missed. It also has increased my self-confidence; I was a lot shyer before volunteering and now I feel like I can talk to anyone. What I enjoy most is meeting and spending time with clients and their pets.”

Kay, estara Volunteer