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Changing our brand name FAQ

Why are we changing our brand?

We currently use two brand names, PQSA and HomeCare+, and this can create confusion about the services we offer.

Changing to one brand name, estara, will create a unified position for the organisation.

Our new consolidated brand will allow a more holistic approach in how we influence effective change and remove barriers to good living, upholding the rights of people living with spinal cord injury and other disabilities.

When will PQSA and HomeCare+ officially change over to estara?

PQSA and HomeCare+ will become estara on 21 March 2024.

What does estara mean?

Featuring a star to symbolise excellence and positivity, estara is inspired by our purpose to help people be connected, be guided, and be supported to achieve their full potential. We have also ensured the look of our new brand is reflective of our history and our ongoing purpose.

Services and Support Programs

Will any services or programs change when we become estara?

Whilst our name is changing, everything else remains the same. The same people, offering the same range of quality services and support programs to South Australians living with spinal cord injury and other disabilities.

You can still access HomeCare+ services which is part of estara’s In-Home and Community Support offering. Our specialised disability services, including Peer Support, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Spinal Nursing and Support Coordination will also not change.

Will there be any changes to existing individual support plans or service agreements under the estara brand?

There will be no changes to an individual’s existing support plan or service agreement as a result of the brand change.

Contacting us

How do I contact estara?

Our phone numbers remain the same.

For all telephone enquiries, please call 1800 378 272 and your call will be appropriately directed.

Email estara@estara.com.au

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